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Bead and Wire Earrings Tutorial

These earrings all utilize the same basic design and are relatively easy to create.   No complicated wire work skills are necessary. You can vary the number of beads, shapes, colors and patterns as you please.  I recommend bead sizes no … Continue reading

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Free Beads from Magpie Gemstones

I got some free, (yes free, one of my favorite words) beads from Magpie Gemstones!  http://www.magpiegemstones.com     I’m not sure what I will create with them yet but I’m playing with designs on my sketch pad.  Any ideas are … Continue reading

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Monochromatic designs – keeping it simple

I’ve just recently noticed that many of my pieces are designed using only a single color or a few hues of the same color.  Funny how I never really took note of that.   Perhaps I was just making it easier … Continue reading

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Variations on a Theme

I can’t seem to stop making copper cuffs.  The whole process of cutting the sheet, folding it into shape, hammering it, filing the edges smooth and making the clasp is such great fun! My biggest decision is whether to oxidize … Continue reading

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Turquoise Beaded Wire Bracelet

I sold two versions of my Garden Path Bracelet.  Making two of the same design is rare for me as I usually make only one of each  then go on to something else.  Maybe it’s not a bad idea to … Continue reading

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