Necklace Makeover and New Etched Bracelet

I made this necklace some time ago but was never happy with the center pendant so I decided to change it.  Now that I can etch (a little) I thought a center pendant of etched copper would be just what it needed.   I was right, I love it now.

Newly redone necklace with etched pendant

Newly redone necklace with etched pendant

The Lapiz beads just seem to pop more now, or maybe it’s just my imagination.   Originally there was a Lapiz drop at the center.

Sorry about the bad photo

Sorry about the bad photo

I also made this 3 part bracelet with etched panels linked together and  added a wire clasp.

IMG_7532 I like the way the cuff turned out.  It’s big and the etching is not very deep but I think it works 🙂



About zoraidabros

I'm Zoraida and I design and create handmade, one of a kind jewelry. My work is inspired by the art of ancient world cultures that have endured the shifting trends of fashion. I prefer to work in copper and semi precious gemstones but also appreciate fine lamp work beads, wood and other artistically crafted materials. Please visit my studio at and my website at
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14 Responses to Necklace Makeover and New Etched Bracelet

  1. Christie M says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. That is absolutely gorgeous. Did you make the links?

  2. zoraidabros says:

    Thanks, Christie! Yes I did make the links along with everything else.

  3. Diane says:

    You are right. I can’t believe how much the change in pendant changed the look of that whole necklace. And the bracelet is absolutely beautiful. Is it from one of your daughter’s drawings?

  4. zoraidabros says:

    Thank you, Diane ! No, the bracelet is one of my own drawings 🙂

  5. The pendent on the necklace is gorgeous. You need to make more.

  6. zoraidabros says:

    Thank you, I probably will make more 🙂

  7. Ashley says:

    I love the construction of the cuff bracelet! Looks like it would be comfortable in addition to beautiful!

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  10. Eleanor says:

    beautiful work…just starting to get into this part of jewelry making and would love to have your skill set

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