Bracelet Makeover

Sometimes after I do a show, I notice pieces I made  a while back and haven’t seen in a while.  These were hidden inside my jewelry carrying case and, if not sold, remain there between shows.  It’s a good learning experience to see how much my work has changed, hopefully for the better.

I’ve always liked this bracelet but the large, heavy beads had a tendency to roll towards the bottom, inner part of the wrist.


I finally reordered some 14ga, half round copper wire and decided to remake this bracelet using more of the big, yellow jade beads.

Remade yellow jade bracelet

Remade yellow jade bracelet

So here it is with a new clasp and more beads.  Now if it rolls around, it still looks nicely balanced.  What do you think?


About zoraidabros

I'm Zoraida and I design and create handmade, one of a kind jewelry. My work is inspired by the art of ancient world cultures that have endured the shifting trends of fashion. I prefer to work in copper and semi precious gemstones but also appreciate fine lamp work beads, wood and other artistically crafted materials. Please visit my studio at and my website at
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10 Responses to Bracelet Makeover

  1. Marcia says:

    The re-do looks great! I love the original and would try one jade bead with the original bangle.

  2. Diane Smith says:

    Zoraida, I love your remake! I liked the original one also but I like the remake even better! I’ve noticed the same thing with some of my designs ~ if the weight is supposed to be in front & it’s not evenly distributed around the whole bracelet, it will want to hang at the back of the bracelet. Gravity doesn’t work with us too well in that type of design. Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you came up with here! Gorgeous!

  3. zoraidabros says:

    Thanks Diane! I did like the original but it didn’t work, Now I often design clasps pretty enough to be worn in front. I love, love, love the beautiful bracelets you create.

  4. Wow these are stunning I love the intracasy of the copper wire wrapped around those big yellow beads. They look to stunning do you have a website with more to offer as well as to possibly purchase. Very impressive

  5. Hi Zoraidabos

    I will take a look at them now and let you know. The jewellery really is amazing

  6. Hi zoraidabros, can you tell me some of the prices of these. I especially love some of the earrings and pins here–pins.html, but cant see any prices

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