Learning something new to compliment something old.

I’m learning something new – Viking Knit –  tedious, time consuming and sometimes painful.  I have cuts on my fingers from the wire and a little blood on my dowel, so what.  It’s worth it.

I’ve always loved the look of Viking Knit designs (as much as I love the look of chainmaille).  so I decided to give it a try.  I’ve made three or four chains so far, some in copper, some in bronze, some with both copper and bronze.  Some are made with 24 gauge and one with 26 gauge wire.

It all started because I made another wire bird’s nest.  This time I wanted it to be a pendant and not a necklace.   So what to hang the pendant from?

In my search for fine gauge wire, I discovered I already had some 24 gauge  bronze wire I had purchase some time ago from WickWireJeweley.  It was beautiful!  A soft bronze color, slightly pink, not as red as copper nor as yellow as brass.  A little stiffer than copper,  it is not difficult to work with, especially in the finer gauges.  It also oxidizes beautifully.

Here are my chains and bird’s nest.

Learning to weave

Bronze wire and copper chain

Long chain

The new bird’s nest

Beautiful Bronze wire

I ordered more bronze wire in 26, 18 and 16 gauge.

About zoraidabros

I'm Zoraida and I design and create handmade, one of a kind jewelry. My work is inspired by the art of ancient world cultures that have endured the shifting trends of fashion. I prefer to work in copper and semi precious gemstones but also appreciate fine lamp work beads, wood and other artistically crafted materials. Please visit my studio at http://zoraida.artfire.com and my website at http://zoraidajewelry.com
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17 Responses to Learning something new to compliment something old.

  1. Donna Geurin says:

    I love VK, I learned to make it about two years ago and have done many different things with you. You are doing great. I would imagine that 24g a could be quite a challenge. Mostly I have worked with 26ga in both copper and sterling. Do you mind if I ask where you get your bronze. It is really pretty. Next you can do the double stitch.

    • zoraidabros says:

      Thanks, Donna. I like the heavier look of the 24 gauge but read in a book that 26GA was ideal so I tried that. It is much easier to work but so much lighter in weight. I’ll try the double knit for a bracelet soon. I buy my bronze from WickWireJewelry on Artfire – link above.

  2. Tela says:

    You are braver than I am. I still haven’t done the vk. Mostly, because I don’t have a lot of patience. I don’t do a lot of weaving or coiling for the same reason. I do want to make the vk, though. Hopefully, mine will be as nice as yours. That’s a very lovely necklace and I love the bronze. 🙂

    • zoraidabros says:

      Thanks Tela. I’m always trying something new, restless I guess. I have to give the VK a little break, my fingers are hurting from the little cuts. I do love the color of the bronze. It’s prettier in person.

  3. Diane says:

    Simply beautiful, Zoraida! You gals who work with wire are amazing to me!

  4. zoraidabros says:

    Thanks Diane. Wire work is an addiction! You can do almost anything with it, the possiblilites are endless.

  5. Dianna says:

    Also love viking knit. Learned it in a class with Tracey Stanley about 6 years ago. It is time consuming but relaxing also. Your piece looks great!

  6. zoraidabros says:

    Thanks Dianna. VK is relaxing. It reminds me of crochet work, which I used to do a lot of and loved that too. I’m just beginning with this. I think it will be a nice way to hang my pendants. I’ll play with making bracelets in between bead & wire necklaces and everything else. So much to do and learn.

  7. Linda says:

    I agree, wire working is an addiction. Your work as usual is awesome and so perfectly detailed. Maybe one day I’ll venture into the VN. But, patience is not one of my stronger suits. I also love bronze. The bronze wire to me is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing….

  8. zoraidabros says:

    Hi Linda, great hearing from you! Yes, patience is required with VK, and frequent breaks or it could get sloppy.

  9. susangeckle says:

    Your artistry is amazing. I’ve done very little jewelry making, mostly just linen thread with beads, but I can appreciate the work that goes into it.

  10. dou dou says:

    Beautiful work! I used to knit, can’t imagine doing it with wire…. I cut myself all the time just sculpting 🙂

  11. Linda Keesee says:

    Beautiful! I’ve been wanting to try the viking knit. I bought some wire a few months back to give it a try, but haven’t got around to it yet. I really love it with your bird nest.

    • zoraidabros says:

      Thanks Linda! VK is easier than I thought. I love it but have to take breaks between projects sometimes. My hands hurt from wirework. You’ll enjoy it.

  12. Lauren says:

    Wow. You are an exquisite artist. I’ll be sure to pass this on to my friends and social networks! That bird’s nest is so pretty.

    • zoraidabros says:

      Thank you Lauren! Bird’s nests are one of my favorite little creations – probably because I love birds so much. Right now there are Chickadees nesting in a birdhouse I painted right up against the house!

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