I’m Yellow this Year

For some strange, inexplicable reason, I’m really into making jewelry with yellow this year.  I don’t know why.  This is a color I’d never wear  on my body other than in jewelry.  I’d feel ridiculous and look like a bee or worse, a banana!

I’m one of those people who wear mostly black. Perhaps I need some sunlight and color in my life, something bright and cheerful.  I recently made that Yuki (my collie) inspired bracelet and was left craving yellow.  Maybe something is lacking in my diet?

As part of a Mothers’ Day challenge for the JewerlyMakingJournal I made this birds’ nest necklace using yellow jasper (more of a mustard color) and yellow jade.

Necklace/Earring set for Mothers' Day challenge

I even made a collection on Artfire featuring yellow handmade items!

I’m still on the look out for more yellow stones.  Perhaps I’ll find some at the Bead Fest here on Long Island this weekend.

Yellow Rose by Shinrin Sam Bros


About zoraidabros

I'm Zoraida and I design and create handmade, one of a kind jewelry. My work is inspired by the art of ancient world cultures that have endured the shifting trends of fashion. I prefer to work in copper and semi precious gemstones but also appreciate fine lamp work beads, wood and other artistically crafted materials. Please visit my studio at http://zoraida.artfire.com and my website at http://zoraidajewelry.com
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17 Responses to I’m Yellow this Year

  1. beadinggem says:

    The old gold color of the beads certainly highlights the beautiful wire work! I like! Pearl

  2. zoraidabros says:

    Thanks soo much, Pearl, for reading, commenting, and of course, for the compliments!!

  3. Donna Geurin says:

    I agree with Pearl, they really compliment the wire and your beautiful work. Oh, and by the way, you are so funny.

  4. Beautiful necklace, as always, Zoraida! I agree that the old gold color of the beads really complement the copper wire. And I love the 4 yellow “eggs”! It’s funny, when I saw your post, I thought about the 2 yellow necklaces (with matching earrings) I’ve made lately. And my newest listing features poly clay bead with yellow flowers. I just got a request for a simple necklace with crayola yellow stones (may not be simple to find those stones!). Seems to be a need for yellow right now 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • zoraidabros says:

      That’s fascinating, Catherine! Do you suppose we’re all just part of a universal mind (seriously) or perhaps great minds (and creative people in general) think alike? Yellow stones are difficult to find. They’re rarely yellow enough. I’m going to a bead fest tomorrow and hoping to find something really yellow. Good luck with that crayola yellow!

  5. Tela says:

    Funny! I’m into wearing black, too. Just think how much yellow stands out against the black… maybe it is your subconscious desire to proclaim yourself an artist- which you are. I love the etsy collection, very bright and cheerful. 🙂

    • zoraidabros says:

      Perhaps you’re right, Tela. Black always seemed like the perfect and most comfortable color to wear even as a child (when I was labeled a “beatnik” if you are old enough to know what that was). I would still never wear yellow, especially with black – definitely bumblebee.

  6. Nancy Pace says:

    I love yellow too, but my unexpected color I am in love with this year is peachy-coral:) Your necklace is awesome as usual:)

  7. zoraidabros says:

    Thank you Nancy:) Peachy-coral sounds yummy.

  8. Leslie says:

    Beautiful piece….as always. And you said I don’t read your blog…..LOL.
    I’ve been drawn to green lately. Maybe I need to reconnect with the Earth.

    • zoraidabros says:

      Leslie, so glad to hear from you. You do love me after all! Green is my all time favorite color and I’m trying to stay away from it – I have so many green beads already. Perhaps you need to grow a little garden? Tomatoes are easy :))

  9. earthnskystudio says:

    Yellow is such an upbeat color. I love it ~ although with my salt & pepper hair it isn’t necessarily my best color. Zoraida, I like your idea of the “universal mindset” of yellow-lovers right now! It’s our time to shine! ^_^ Kudos on your beautiful necklace set and I hope you’re able to find just the right color of yellow stones that you’re seaching for this weekend! Keep us posted!

    • zoraidabros says:

      Thanks Diane. I can see you wearing yellow with that sunny personality of yours and that big smile:D

      • Diane says:

        Thank you for the vote of confidence, Zoraida! I really do like yellow, especially sprinkled around the house a bit. It just seems to give everything a boost ~ especially on overcast days. ^_^

  10. Beautiful!!! I love the yellow. It really does compliment the wire. And your wire work is outstanding like always. I see a lot of beautiful pieces of jewelry I really like, but then when it comes to me making something for myself I seem to lean towards browns and dark greens.

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