Spring is in the Air!

The weather is dreary here in New York today, rainy and bleak.  No colors anywhere I look except for the lovely Cardinals in the yard and the occasional red cap on a Woodpecker.  Still, there is a feeling of expectation and quiet exhilaration (if there is such a thing) of the impending change of season.

Spring is in the air!  The birds know it. The trees know it,  and we sense it.   I suddenly have the urge to create more bird’s nests jewelry especially since I just recently sold the very first bird’s nest pin I ever made.

I’ve made other, similar brooches, pendants and necklaces featuring tiny bird’s nests, but this one had a special meaning for me.  It was called “A New Beginning” and it was perfect to me (not something I usually say about anything I make).

To make up for its’ absence,  I made a necklace with a bird’s nest pendant yesterday.  Strangely, it sold today.  I had been working on yet another necklace (with a bird’s nest, no less) when I decided to take a break to check my email.  Someone just bought the necklace I made yesterday along with a pair of Heart Leaf earrings.

I’ll be shipping this out tomorrow and completing the second necklace.  Guess what, I just got an email from someone asking about a bird’s nest pin!

My first bird's nest

Just made and sold

Beginning of the new bird's nest necklace

About zoraidabros

I'm Zoraida and I design and create handmade, one of a kind jewelry. My work is inspired by the art of ancient world cultures that have endured the shifting trends of fashion. I prefer to work in copper and semi precious gemstones but also appreciate fine lamp work beads, wood and other artistically crafted materials. Please visit my studio at http://zoraida.artfire.com and my website at http://zoraidajewelry.com
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6 Responses to Spring is in the Air!

  1. Dianna says:

    Love that pendant that you have in your hand. Sure does look like spring!

  2. zoraidabros says:

    Thanks Dianna. This one will be part of a necklace I’ll probably finish tomorrow.

  3. Very nice. Love your bird nest pin and pendants, and I like how you did your necklace with the s-loops and the loops with the flowers on the front. Your work is always so beautiful.

    • zoraidabros says:

      Thank you mixedkreations!!!! The center part of the necklace is one long section of wire that has been twisted into loops and spirals, then hammered. I made the copper flowers separately and attached them.

  4. I just love these little nests! And yes, Spring is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than finding homes for your nests! Congrats! ^_^

  5. zoraidabros says:

    Thanks Diane. Making these is addictive. I keep finding ways to make them easier and more realistic.

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